Essentials of Leadership & Management: Part 1
The Essentials of Leadership and Management course prepares new and existing supervisors for their roles within governmental public health agencies building on core management and leadership competencies. The course draws from fundamental management and leadership content used in organizational development, leadership development, and management and strategy courses and incorporates case examples and technical content specific to those working in Public Health. Participants receive numerous resources to support their ongoing management and leadership development during and following the course.

While you are not required to complete the lessons in a particular order, you must complete the Knowledge Check with a passing score of 80% for each lesson and the End of Course Survey to receive the Certificate of Completion.
Supported Browsers: When accessing this course, please be sure to use the most updated version of one of the browsers identified below. This course is not supported on any version of the Internet Explorer browser. You may need to enable pop-ups to view the lessons. 

Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox.
Apple MacOS: Safari 3.0 or higher, Microsoft edge, Google Chrome, Firefox.

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